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To order by mail (Cash payment only, if you are paying by check or money order this is not the correct order form):

  1. Complete the above form. Copy Item information, Item Amount(s), and Shipping costs from your PayPal Shopping Cart. If you have questions about how to complete this form, please contact me before you send your payment.
  2. Please send your payment (Cash Only in U.S. Dollars or Euro, do not send coins) for the Total amount. If necessary, use the Currency Converter located on the Get Bust Up Gum web site.
  3. Send this Get Bust Up Gum Order Form and your payment by Registered or Certified Mail to:

    PO BOX 530213
    HENDERSON, NV 89053-0213

I will ship your package to you one business day after I receive your payment.  You will receive a shipping confirmation by e-mail.  Please make sure you have included a working e-mail address on this form.

Thank you for your order!

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